We are changing real estate understanding using 3D Automation

3DCOM develops a set of Automated solutions to convert Architecture plans into 3D models.

Edwin Template Home V2 Image

The need


Floor plans of real estate assets lack real-world perspective and are difficult to visualize and understand.

Edwin template vision image
Edwin template vision image

That’s why when it comes to future assets more and more real estate developers are turning their eyes to online 3D virtual tours.


Over the last decade real estate developers and realtors found rendering images as a solution when it comes to future assets.


A rendered image, beautiful as it can be,
is a cutout, a small sample of what it feels like to be in a place.


With Virtual tours, customers don’t need
to imagine what it feels
like to walk from the dining room to the bedroom in their future apartment - they do that short route themselves before it is even built.